How to get ISO 14001 in UAE

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Create a policy, and set targets and objectives
Once you have established your baseline and checked your legal obligations, you can move to the next stage of setting up your environmental management system (EMS) - setting targets and objectives and creating your first environmental policy.

Creating your environmental policy
The policy should be the guiding document in your EMS. It should clearly set out how you will manage the environmental impact of your business and should show what commitments you are prepared to make.
It should be based on the key information from your baseline assessment and legal compliance check stages. There is no one perfect way to create a policy document - it will depend on the particular needs of your business. But there are some key elements you need to include, such as:
  • a commitment to continually improve your environmental performance
  • a commitment to comply with environmental legislation
  • a commitment to educate and train employees to enable them to work within the policy
  • how the policy will be implemented, managed and reviewed
  • An environmental policy is a written statement that outlines a business' aims and principles to managing the environmental effects and aspects of its operations. Top management must be involved in producing the policy and must understand the principles and commitments in it. It's not compulsory to have an environmental policy but an increasing number of businesses are choosing to have one.
  • You will need an environmental policy is essential if you want to implement an environmental management standard, such as the European Union Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS), BS 8555 or ISO 14001. It's also vital if you currently work or intend to work with large organisations, or if you need to demonstrate to customers and other stakeholders that you are committed to managing your environmental impacts in a responsible way.
  • Setting targets and objectives
    To ensure that your policy is followed by all employees, you will need to set and monitor short-term targets and longer-term objectives. There are a number of management methods you can incorporate into your policy, including straightforward targets (such as reducing CO2 emissions by a set percentage each year), key performance indicators (for example, cost reductions achieved by implementing your EMS) and benchmarks (such as your business' resource efficiency against similar firms in your industry sector).